Hedges are wonderful as living privacy screens, to reduce noise, and as wind barriers. They also provide habitats for a variety of wildlife. As beautiful and useful as they are, a hedge can require a significant amount of time, money, and effort to keep it in peak condition. However, there are low-maintenance options that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A low-maintenance hedge doesn’t mean a wildly growing and unruly tangle. Individuals can choose from a wide variety of plantings that don’t require constant trimming, shaping, and manicuring to keep them looking beautiful. The trick is to select slow-growing hedge plants. They won’t mature as quickly, but they make up for it in ease of care.

The plantings will also depend on the type of hedge that’s desired. A hedge isn’t limited to the traditional, manicured boxwood or privet shrubs pictured in magazines and on TV. They can also be comprised of palms, evergreens, and deciduous plantings. The following are just some of the options available.

  • Arborvitae is a tree with a conical and stately growth habit, making them a popular choice for windbreaks and privacy screens. They’re best used on large properties.
  • Azaleas are spring bloomers, offer autumn color, and are available in evergreen and deciduous varieties.
  • Forsythia produces yellow blossoms in spring and a dense hedge during the rest of the year.
  • Several types of holly are native to South Florida and new cultivars are available. Female plants produce red berries that are toxic to people and pets.
  • Lilacs offer fragrant barriers throughout the year – except in winter when they drop their leaves. They attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Rose of Sharon also drops its leaves in winter, while putting on a showy display of blossoms during the autumn.
  • Yews are salt-tolerant, evergreen, and produce visually attractive red berries that are toxic.

There’s a hedge plant to accommodate any need and offers the advantage of being low-maintenance. Some provide greenery year-round, while others drop their leaves for a short time. Still, other types provide a much needed habitat for birds and food for pollinators.

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