A beautifully landscaped property is the ideal for every homeowner, but it can require a substantial amount of time, effort and money to maintain. For individuals that are short on time, they can choose low-maintenance plants.

Homeowners should take care when choosing any type of plant for their landscaping needs. While some plants accommodate the low-maintenance criteria, they may also have invasive tendencies that can ultimately result in additional work.


A number of groundcovers are available. They can range from a mere 2-6 inches, while others can grow to 24 inches. Flowers are typically small, some are very aromatic, and are available for shady and full-sun locations. Groundcovers include crown vetch, creeping sedum, fescue, hosta, peppermint, and creeping thyme.

Ornamental Grasses

This classification includes varieties that mature at 18 inches in height to those that can grow to 10-12 feet tall. They typically have unique or unusual looking “flower” heads and foliage can be green, reddish, variegated and golden yellow. Some spread slowly, while others can grow aggressively, and they’re often used in areas where soil erosion is a problem. Some varieties are feather reed grass, ribbon grass, and fountain grass.


Some shrubs remain relatively small, while others in the category can be grown as small trees. They may produce flowers, fruits eaten by birds, and foliage that can transition to red, yellow, orange and reddish-purple. Some examples are tree peony, smoke tree, and beautyberry


Some of the most popular low-maintenance trees are smaller specimens that grow from 20-35 feet tall, but make a big impact. These include hawthorn, weeping cherry, Ben Franklin tree, juniper, Japanese red maple, and miniature fruit trees.


Low-maintenance flowering plants provide a splash of color in the landscape and attract birds, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The foliage remains after the blossoms are spent, typically die to the ground at the end of the season, and include canna lilies, cone flowers, geraniums, and meadow sage.

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