Groundcovers are landscaping opportunities that are ornamental, effective for solving a variety of soil and contouring problems, and their value is often overlooked. There are perennial types for those that desire a self-sustaining low-maintenance solution, along with annual forms that enable home and business owners to change and refresh their look every year.

One of the advantages of groundcovers is that they come in a variety of heights to accommodate any preference and they grow in sun or shade. Some create a carpet of green, while others have spectacularly colored blossoms Groundcovers come in multiple shades of green and a myriad of textures that add interest to the landscape and can be utilized to address challenges of erosion to poor soils.

Depending upon the chosen groundcover, they can also be an effective barrier against rampant weed growth.  One of the best known ground covers is creeping phlox, with blossoms in shades of blue, pink or white. Typically staying at about two inches tall, it can attain a height of six inches during its bloom season. Candytuft is also popular for its sweetly scented white flowers and it grows up to 12 inches high.

For those that enjoy the spring blooms of hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, the good news is that many groundcovers can be combined with spring-blooming bulbs. The bulbs will grow through groundcovers such as pachysandra or speedwell, providing bright spring color before the groundcover takes over for the summer.

Beach flower is a native of Florida that’s ideal for hot, dry areas. It attracts butterflies, is salt-tolerant for coastal areas, and grows quickly. Individuals can also choose from groundcovers encompassing ferns or Asiatic jasmine. For a non-living groundcover, consider decorative stones or mulch.

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