Flowering vines add beauty and visual interest to homes, can create eco-friendly privacy, and provide nectar for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. There are dozens of species from which to choose, have a myriad of bloom colors, and some are extremely fragrant. However, not all vines are suitable for planting near a home. Many shouldn’t be planted within 10 feet of a home or other structures and are best positioned to climb a fence or arbor.


Vines add beauty, character and distinction to homes. Depending on the species, vines can provide privacy, shade, or even edible fruits. They offer living camouflage for unsightly objects such as retaining walls and can transform a flat wall into a three-dimensional visage. Some species of vines, such as clematis, remain diminutive in height, create an oasis of fragrance, and are attractive to pollinators.

Honeysuckle is a popular choice for homeowners, partly due to its sweet scent. It grows fairly slow in comparison to other vines and is easy to keep within bounds. Jasmine is also easy to control and can grow from 10 to 15 feet in height.


Some vines can attain 20 ft. or more in height without extensive trimming to control their growth habits. There are a number of vines that are aggressive growers, always reaching ever upward. They won’t be happy until they’ve covered the entire house. Some vines will destroy brickwork, take down siding, damage shingles, and pull gutters down, depending on how they anchor themselves for climbing.

Wisteria is an example. Beautiful and sweet-smelling, it’s a rampant grower. It has the power to grow through walls and into homes and can even take down trees. English ivy is a popular vining choice, but the plants also harbor mosquitoes that can spread disease. An additional concern for aggressive vines is that they have no qualms about growing along electric lines and over the delivery systems of other essential services.

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