There are small and simple jobs of landscaping that people are able to handle themselves with no problem such as mulching or planting a tree, shrub or flowers. However, for more extensive projects, unless an individual has skill or experience in that area, a DIY project can quickly go awry. There are pros and cons to a DIY project, that includes the following.


A DIY project is always going to be less expensive than hiring a professional and individuals often have the assistance of spouses, children or friends to help save on costs. A professional landscaping company is more costly, but they always have the manpower required for the job to complete it quickly and efficiently.


Landscaping is good exercise, gets people out in the fresh air, and working with plants is therapeutic. A potential drawback, however, is if an individual has asthma, allergies or some other type of respiratory difficult.


Older individuals may feel up to doing their own work, but health concerns, stamina and physical strength can be an obstacle.

Tools and Equipment

Depending on the project, specialized tools or equipment may be required that the average person doesn’t have. Many types of equipment can be rented, but individuals may also be faced with a learning curve in their operation. Landscapers have the tools and equipment needed.


The average individual doesn’t have the knowledge required to determine if a plant is invasive or will thrive in any specific location. Landscapers are knowledgeable about different plants, their unique needs, the best location for a specific plant, and its ongoing care.


It’s always going to take more time to complete a DIY project than when hiring a professional. What individuals estimate as a few hours project can easily require multiple weekends to finish. Combined with that is the time investment required for maintenance and upkeep. A professional landscaping company makes short work of the entire process, from installation and maintenance to removal if necessary.

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