Rock is quickly becoming a go-to in South Florida gardens. The material has a higher initial cost, but is highly durable. Rocks offer a multitude of design options and they’re available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and types. Highly versatile, they can be used as mulch or edging. It’s best to use smaller stones since heavier stones can begin to sink into the ground over time.

Adds Minerals

Many soils are lacking in essential minerals that plants can’t manufacture on their own. While rocks in and of themselves won’t help mineralize soil, powdered rock can be added to plant beds.

Curb Appeal

No matter what type is chosen – rocks, stones or pebbles – the material offers clean lines and a lighter appearance that adds to curb appeal.

Doesn’t Decompose

Rock doesn’t decay, so it doesn’t need to be replaced like traditional wood-based mulch, which begins to decompose when exposed to moisture. A small amount of rock may need to be added after its initial settling and rock is so durable that it can even outlast the lifetime of the garden.


For those that are employing raised beds, pea gravel and similar stones provide additional drainage so plant roots don’t become water logged. Pebbles and rocks are equally beneficial for plant beds that suffer with drainage issues.

Low Maintenance

Rocks aren’t easily disturbed by rain, wind, people, or pets and require very little maintenance. They retain their color and appearance for years; though they may need an occasional hosing down to remove dust.

Minimizes Weeds

While no type of mulch will completely eliminate weeds in the flower bed, rocks will significantly limit their growth. Any undesirable growth can easily be plucked out.

Reduces Erosion

Wind and rain can gradually move soil around. Stones reduce that movement making them ideal for preserving soil, even in heavy rains.

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