Your landscape is an investment in your property and it needs protection in the same way as your other valuables. A properly installed and scheduled irrigation system will do that in a variety of ways. The health, success and lushness of your landscape depend on getting water, in the correct amount, and at the right time. It also significantly reduces the time, money, and work required to maintain it.

Today’s irrigation systems are a marvel of technology. They can be programmed to water on a schedule compatible with local weather conditions and watering zones can be created to deliver moisture in measured amounts to specific areas. The systems are even available that can detect when rain has fallen, how much, and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. They also require less maintenance.


A healthy landscape is one that doesn’t receive too much or too little moisture for its needs. An irrigation system accomplishes that and does so by saving on water costs. It supports the health of the soil, which in turn fosters the strength of plantings and enables them to survive the stress of harsh conditions such as wind storms, floods, and hurricanes.

Insects and Disease

A lawn that gets too much moisture is a breeding ground for unwanted pests, mold, mildew, and bacterial infections that can cause costly damage. Overly wet or dry conditions call to a large variety of insects ranging from fungus gnats, mosquitos, and flea beetles to spiders, fleas, and ticks. Many lay eggs underground that will repopulate the landscape later. A proper irrigation system will aid in eliminating the conditions attractive to insects and help save on fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides.

Uniform Coverage

An irrigation system will ensure uniform coverage throughout the entire landscape. Irrigation heads can be adjusted to place water exactly where it’s needed and in the correct amounts. The result is a healthy landscape that supports strong and vigorous plants.

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