Having a small yard doesn’t mean that people have to forgo landscaping. Even small spaces can be turned into an oasis of beauty and calm. People typically think of landscaping as a sprawling endeavor, but there are creative ways to landscape a small yard to bring a touch of color, peace and tranquility into anyone’s life.

Go Vertical

There are many plants that can grow vertically, such as vines, along with trees with a columnar growth pattern that includes columnar oaks, poplars, cypress and arborvitae. Just make sure it’s the columnar varieties and not standard sized species.


Plants are an essential design element, but creating a seating space where individuals can gather to lounge and relax is equally important. The surrounding plantings can include non-flowering varieties for a rainforest feel. Plants with multi-colored foliage adds depth and interest, or plant a few brightly colored flowers for a cheery burst of color.


There’s always room for container gardening, even in the smallest of yards. Containers come in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials. If height is desired, a large container can be turned upside down to act as a stand for a smaller pot. Containers act as a focal point and either annuals or perennials can be potted for a splash of color and texture.


Pre-made ponds are available in all sizes and shapes, along with the pump and necessary equipment for circulation to ensure the water doesn’t become stagnant or turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The sound of water is especially soothing.

Falls and Fountains

Small, premade fountains and waterfalls add a relaxing water feature to small spaces. They’re easy to install, provide the soothing sound of running water, and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate any space. Multi-tiered fountains offer the best of both features. Many models are equipped with colored LED lights that provide additional interest and are inexpensive to operate.

Flowerboxes for Fences

For those with a fenced in yard, small flowerboxes can be attached to almost any type of fencing. Hanging flower pouches can be hung from fence posts and hangers can be affixed to fence posts to support hanging flower baskets.

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