Small trees are an often overlooked option in the landscape of homes and businesses. They’re an ideal solution for smaller properties and their vibrant and unusual flowers provide visual interest. Many are salt-tolerant and can be used to create a screen, while others provide shade and remain compact enough to preserve a specific view. Some of the best flowering trees for Florida encompass the following, in no particular order.


The plant’s scientific name is Plumeria, but it’s also known as Frangipani. Its ugly duckling appearance in the winter is misleading. Blooms of red, white, yellow, pink and multi-colors transform it into a tropical showcase as it flowers profusely from spring to autumn. The blossoms are fragrant, used to make leis in Hawaii, and in lotions, candles and perfumes. It can grow up to 20 ft., is drought and salt tolerant, and is both a succulent and deciduous.


There are several different types of the japonica species. The most petite is the Desert Cassia. It grows fairly quickly to a height of 10 ft., flowers in the spring and autumn, is salt tolerant, and attracts butterflies. The tree is also known as “scrambled egg tree” and “golden shower tree” due to its prolific yellow blossoms. Its cousin, Cassia surattensis, grows from 12-15 ft. in height and tolerates salt.


The compact/dwarf version will amaze with blooms every day of the year. It has small red flowers, can be grown as a bush, or trained as a single-trunk tree. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. It’s one of the smallest of the species, but quickly grows to about eight ft., and is drought tolerant.

Red Cluster Bottlebrush

This is a showy specimen featuring bright red flowers. Homeowners can cultivate it as a single or multi-trunk tree or a bush. Excellent for small yards and as an accent plant, the flower spikes resemble a bottlebrush and appear periodically throughout the year. It’s highly attractive to honey bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. A weeping version is also available and both are moderately tolerant to salt and can grow up to 25 ft. high.

Pick a Favorite

No matter what size yard or the preferred blossom color, there’s a small tree to accommodate any need in Florida. The temperate climate and mild winters allow dozens of small flowering trees to thrive, providing interest, beauty, and nectar for wildlife.

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