Flowers and shrubs always do best in their native habitat, but there are dozens of plants that can be successfully grown in other areas if climatic conditions are similar. Not all plants enjoy the humid conditions found in South Florida.

However, there are a number of annuals that will thrive and don’t mind the humidity and heat at all, though some do require partial shade and well-drained soil. No matter what type of flowers or shrubs are planted, gardeners will need to be aware that powdery mildew is always a potential problem.


The daisy-like flowers of coreopsis feature bright, yellow blossoms. They bloom throughout the summer and are low maintenance. They attract bees, butterflies, and birds like the seeds. They grow from 1.5-4 ft. tall. Hybridization has given rise to colors of red, orange, pink and white.


Available in various shades of summer color, yellow, orange, and those that are highlighted by red, brass and copper, marigolds don’t mind the humidity. They offered in heights ranging from 6-24 inches to accommodate any area of the garden. The long-lasting flowers require little maintenance.


There are sunflowers to meet any garden need. They’re available in varieties ranging from heights of 12 in.-15 ft. Pollen-free varieties have also been developed. Sunflowers are available in traditional yellow, shades of red and burgundy, orange, bi-colors and even stunningly beautiful white, along with single and double flowering varieties that require little maintenance.

Wishbone Flowers

The bi-colored flowers are offered in a myriad of hues and look like miniature gloxinias. The blooms are long-lasting and plants typically grow 6-12 in. in height. It can be placed in the summer garden and will even thrive as a houseplant.


Zinnias are available in every color of the rainbow except blue, including solids, bi-colors, and even a creeping style. Depending on the variety, they can grow 6-8 in., 1-3 ft. and there’s even a variety that can attain heights of up to 4 ft. They can be used for cut flowers, are low maintenance, and long-lasting.


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