Lawns need moisture 12 months of the year, but that requirement is significantly less during cooler winter months since the rate of evaporation is far less. Many popular lawn grasses enter a dormant phase in the winter to wait for warmer temperatures in the spring. However, using a sprinkler system correctly in the winter will help ensure the lawn has a healthy return in the spring.

In the South Florida climate, an automated irrigation system is almost a necessity to avoid overwatering or underwatering. The systems can be adjusted to accommodate highly sensitive seasonal needs. Homeowners that don’t know how to set their irrigation system should definitely engage the services of a landscaping professional.

Water Requirements

Lawns will typically require 1 inch of water during the winter. Beginning in Sept., experts from the University of Florida recommend that lawns be watered twice a week for 48 minutes and reduce that time to 43 minutes in Oct.; 32 minutes in Nov.; 16 minutes in Dec.; 12 minutes in Jan.; and 17 minutes in March.


When a lawn is overwatered, homeowners are essentially drowning the roots of their grass. The roots are unable to breathe and the part of the root system that survives is shallow, which opens the door to predation by insects and diseases. Overwatering also supports the proliferation of weeds, which adds an additional level of stress to shallow root systems.

Lawns that are overwatered aren’t able to absorb the nutrients they need through the roots. The result is grass that’s unhealthy and lacks the desirable rich, green color. It will also lead to extra work during the upcoming spring and summer months to rectify the damage done.


Even though the grass isn’t actively growing during the winter months, it still requires a certain amount of maintenance moisture. A lawn that’s underwatered will have grass blades that are brittle, fragile, easily damaged, and the lawn may not return in the spring.


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