Summer gardening requires proper preparation. Debris, dead plants and weeds should be removed. Apply much before the heat of summer. Some trees will need to be trimmed, while flowers may need to be deadheaded or cut back. Fertilizing will need to be performed during early spring.

Hardiness Zone

Long-time South Florida residents have a good grasp of what will grow well in the subtropical climate and their maintenance needs. Those new to the region will be well-advised to conduct some research before installing any type of plants, shrubs or trees. Some are highly invasive, some won’t grow well at all, and others provide much-needed sources of food for pollinators.

Soil Composition

Your soil may have been amended to provide more fertile ground for a variety of plants. That process may need to be performed for the first time or renewed. South Florida soils can be comprised of clay, sand, loam, or a combination of those.

Use Native Plants

A wide variety of flowering plants, vines, bushes, and trees are well adapted to the South Florida climate. They provide a rainbow of color in the landscape and a source of nectar and pollen for native pollinator species. You can also choose to plant some of the native species that are on the endangered list to help preserve them.


A myriad of groundcovers are available that provide colorful blossoms and are great for areas where nothing else seems to want to grow. They have the added benefit of suppressing weed growth.

Tree Trimming

To maintain the shape and health of trees, keep them pruned and trimmed. Remove dead or damaged branches and remove trees that have becomes a hazard. Have nuts from tall palms professionally removed. Keeping trees maintained will also lessen the potential damage to homes and outbuildings during storms.


South Florida typically receives enough rainfall for plants to grow well, but the area does experience dry spells and even droughts. If watering by hand, do so doing cool evening hours to minimize evaporation.

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