Shade provides more than pleasant place to while away a summer afternoon. It’s eco-friendly, adds value to your property, and will save you money. Landscaping your property to provide shade can take a variety of forms. The easiest and least inexpensive way is to plant trees.

Popular trees for providing shade in Florida include the black olive, live oak, mahogany, ficus, and the gumbo limbo, though others grow equally well. They feature multiple growing habits and textures that add interest throughout the year.

Trees provide ample shade, help purify the air, and act as a windbreak. It’s essential that you match the growth habits of the trees to the size of your yard. Trees cool the land, the air, and reduce the cost of cooling homes and businesses.

If you prefer a structure rather than a living source of shade, you have a myriad of choices ranging from tiki huts and pergolas to pavilions and gazebos. They can be customized in multiple ways and erected in a variety of locations to obtain optimal shade value for homes and around swimming pools. They also provide unique opportunities for entertaining.

Arbors are another option for shade where vines provide the shade as they twine around the structure. Sleek shade sails and retractable awnings can be attached to homes and decks to provide shade during specific times of the day. They have the advantage of providing instant shade whenever and wherever it’s required.

Outdoor living spaces offer exciting opportunities for spending time with friends and family, but no one wants to swelter in the sun. From trees and tiki huts to awnings, there are multiple types of landscaping options that provide shade, increase the value of your property, and can help reduce the cost of your cooling costs. However, trees still remain the most economical and eco-friendly option.

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