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Contractor completes exterior landscaping work for Fort McCoy's fiscal year-2020-funded barracks project

3 Traits to Look for in a Commercial Landscaping Company

Commercial landscaping is a specialty and the quality of a landscaper’s work will directly affect the aesthetics, safety and presentation of your company. It can be difficult to identify the commercial landscaper that’s right for you and your business. There are dozens of companies that claim to be commercial landscapers. However, experience, training and expertise is always evident in their work.

The professionals are licensed, bonded and insured. The company will be able to design and install any landscaping feature desired and maintain it in pristine condition. They can perform upgrades or craft and install completely new designs if desired.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Commercial landscaping can incorporate a multitude of elements and the landscaper you choose should be able to provide the customized services needed. A commercial landscaper will be able to perform tasks ranging from mowing and providing design services to creating management plans and installing irrigation systems. Landscaping needs may include trimming trees, planting flowerbeds, turf grass care, and insect control.

Experience with Similar Projects

It’s important that the landscaper you choose have experience with projects similar to your own. Experienced and highly trained commercial landscapers are in high demand and will have provided services to other clients with similar needs. Don’t be reticent about asking for references. Doing so will also give you an opportunity to view work they’ve performed in the past.

The Company Practices Sustainability

Eco-friendly companies practice sustainability that can provide savings for you and benefit the environment, while boosting your company’s image. Sustainability can take many forms. One way is using native plants that support pollinators and native wildlife. Commercial landscapers are also able to create water conservation and management plans that saves water and money. A commercial landscaping company is able to design and create functional and beautiful landscapes that enhance the profile and reputation of any enterprise.

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What to Know About Commercial Irrigation

Professionally landscaped environments will use an irrigation system to ensure plantings receive the correct amount of water and its delivered exactly when and where it’s needed. The systems utilize underground pipes to deliver water to irrigation heads that are recessed below the surface of the soil. The heads rise up during the irrigation process to disperse the water onto the surface.

Early Irrigation Methods

Surface irrigation systems, sometimes known as gravity irrigation, have been employed for thousands of years. It relies on furrows made in the soil to carry water to where its wanted or through flooding a particular area. The system dates back to 6000 B.C. where it was practiced in Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was an effective, but incredibly wasteful, method of irrigation.

Improvements in Technology

A professionally installed irrigation system will be programmable according to local needs. It will typically include sensors that can determine the amount of moisture in the soil. The system will be activated when it’s dry enough and the sensors can also ascertain when it’s rained by the amount of moisture in the ground. Even though it’s widely used, much of the water is still wasted due to runoff and evaporation. The U.S. uses approximately 53.5 billion gallons of groundwater each day, just on agricultural irrigation. Up to 35 percent of water withdrawals for irrigation purposes are unsustainable.

Drip Irrigation Saves Water and Money

A drip irrigation system is the most efficient form of watering. It can be employed in residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and agricultural operations. It delivers water slowly, at ground level, rather than spraying it into the air. It’s a highly efficient and economical irrigation solution. Drip irrigation has a 90 percent efficiency rate, compared to 65 to 75 percent efficiency of traditional spray irrigation systems.

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Turf Disease

Turf grass is widely used for applications ranging from lawns and athletic fields to golf courses and polo fields. The primary reason is its ability to withstand a high level of foot traffic. It has great recuperative abilities, but it can also fall prey to diseases. In South Florida, most turf grass diseases are the result of fungal growth due to weather conditions.

Brown Patch Fungus

The disease is most obvious during the months of November to May and is especially aggressive. Particularly prevalent when daytime temperatures are over 80° F and nighttime temperatures are above 70° F, it presents as large patches of brown grass with a darker outer ring. Causative factors include high rainfall and humidity, along with excessive irrigation, that leaves the grass damp for more than 48 hours.

Dollar Spot

The disease takes its name from the silver dollar-sized spots that occur throughout the grass. Occurring during warm weather, there will be lesions on the grass blades within the spots. The disease thrives in soil with low nitrogen levels.

Root Rot

All types of grass are subject to root rot and the warm and humid climate conditions are conducive to its appearance. It proliferates when grass is wet for too long and there’s minimal air circulation.

Fairy Ring

It’s particularly difficult to eradicate. It can infect turf for many years before it’s noticed. It presents as dark green or brown patches of grass on the surface that can reach up to 20 ft. in diameter. It gets its name from the mushrooms that sometimes grow on the edges of the rings. Its spread via root systems.

Rust Fungus

The fungi weaken grass, making it more susceptible to other types of diseases. Typically appearing in the spring and fall when moisture levels are higher, it likes shady spots. It coats grass in an orange or yellow powder, grass grows slower, and the grass blades turn rust colored and/or die.

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Westport RTM again eyeing leaf blower restrictions

The Importance of Landscape Maintenance for Your Business

Businesses often overlook the importance of maintaining their landscaping. It’s a consideration that’s outside of daily operations, but can make a significant difference to a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Image is Everything

A business with well-kept landscaping is perceived by customers, vendors and visitors as one with which they’d like to conduct commerce. It welcomes individuals, aids in new client acquisition, and conveys a subtle message that the business offers an elevated level of service. The aesthetic value for presentation of the business should never be underestimated.

Safety and Security

Landscaping is just as important as maintaining indoor repairs. Business landscaping can also encompass keeping sidewalks and pathways level and clean, along with maintaining water features. Dead branches or leaf piles are unattractive and can lead to injuries.

Landscaping aids in mitigating the potential for customer or employee accidents and injuries that can result in loss of employee time and customer litigation. It’s also an important security measure that limits the ability of intruders and vandals to find hiding spaces.

Greater Employee Productivity

Employees that arrive to a workplace with well-groomed grounds have a better mood and are more productive overall. The landscape also provides them with an invigorating environment in which to take breaks. They have greater pride in their work and the company.

Mitigates the Spread of Plant Disease and Pests

Even small landscapes can fall prey to a wide variety of plant-based diseases and insect pests. If left unchecked, they can spread to contaminate other landscapes and even home lawns and gardens. Regular maintenance is an effective way of mitigating that potential.

The Search for Sustainability

Many customers and clients are seeking out businesses that are eco-friendly. Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by planting native species that sustain pollinators and other native wildlife. It’s an effective way to promote similar practices within the community and improve the public image of the company.

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