Once considered a substitute for real grass primarily in sports arenas and playing fields, artificial turf has entered the mainstream in a big way. It’s being employed by homeowners and multiple types of businesses. The synthetic material emulates grass and provides a green carpet year-round that that doesn’t require mowing, fertilizing, irrigation or pest control chemicals.

Back Yards

Most family activities take place in the back yard and it’s an ideal area for artificial turf. Children can play on it as much as they want and its equally beneficial for backyard entertaining as its UV resistant and highly durable.


Front lawns of artificial turf remain green year-round, provide curb appeal, and add value to homes if owners decide to sell. Artificial turf has great drainage and individuals don’t have to worry about pooling and puddling.

Pet Areas

Artificial turf is an excellent selection for pet play areas. An added benefit is that it’s easy to clean if pets relieve themselves on it. Solid waste can be easily picked up and urine can be hosed down into the soil beneath.

Narrow Spaces

Many individuals find themselves with narrow side yards that are difficult to reach with a mower or don’t support easy landscaping options. It provides the same visual appeal as natural grass.


Using artificial turf on entryways to homes prevents dirt, debris and mud from making its way indoors.

Dull Spaces

Artificial turf can provide a splash of color and create a relaxing environment for rooftop gardens and balconies. The material is available in rug-sized pieces for smaller areas and places where it’s not practical to have real grass.


Artificial turf is equally appropriate for businesses and an increasing number of enterprises are using it. Hotels and similar businesses can maintain an attractive appearance while reducing the cost of maintenance. It’s also beneficial for use in outdoor break areas for employees.

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