Creating a commercial landscape design is a multi-step process that incorporates a myriad of factors. It must accommodate the needs of the client, be aesthetically pleasing, meet a variety of regulatory specifications, and fulfill security and safety requirements.

A commercial landscape company will work closely with clients to determine their needs and turn their vision into a completed project. It involves a variety of elements and services that combines functionality with beauty to accommodate the unique needs of each commercial space whether it’s the property surrounding a warehouse facility or an apartment complex.

A landscaping professional will visit the property to assess it and ascertain any issues that may arise with drainage, pooling or erosion. The design will factor in where trees, flowers and bushes will be planted, where parking spaces, fencing, and driveways will be constructed, and where lighting will be installed.

Elements such as where gutters and rainwater runoff will flow will be determined. A commercial landscaping company will also be able to create, install and service irrigation systems. They can assist with the planning of walkways, playgrounds, water features, and the placement of bike racks, depending upon the property. They also provide solutions for commercial property owners that desire eco-friendly elements.

Attention will be paid to existing surroundings and materials chosen to complement architecture and surroundings. Consideration will be given to upkeep of the finished project to ensure low-maintenance requirements encompassing mowing, clean-up and even pest control that are also cost effective.

Landscape design companies have established relationships with a variety of service providers that work to provide customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of clients. They have the ability to dramatically transform the appearance of properties that will also enhance and increase their value.

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