Greenery and blooms have a positive effect on the mental and physical health of people. Studies have demonstrated that even small green spaces indoors or outside can relieve stress, aid in alleviating depression, benefit cognitive function, and improve air quality.

It’s possible for anyone to enjoy the benefits of better wellbeing with container-grown plants, even if they live in a small apartment. Container gardening is simply the practice of growing plants in pots rather than planting them directly in the ground.

Container Types

Individuals can place their plants in pots of any size and material. Consider traditional clay pots, along with half barrels, tubs, metal containers and freestanding flower boxes. A raised bed is also an option for more generous spaces. It all depends on the space available.

Plastic containers are a good option, as they’re lightweight and easy for a single person to manage. Make sure the containers have holes in the bottom for adequate drainage. Pots should be large enough to hold the root ball of the plant and allow for growth.


Use good quality potting soil or a combination of potting soil and compost. Potting soil provides a light and fluffy mix that’s best for pots. Raised beds require a slightly heavier mix.


Containers can be placed literally anywhere it will fit encompassing indoors, on patios, stairways, balconies, decks, and terraces. Large containers can rest on the ground, small containers can be placed on pedestals, while other types of containers can be hung from a porch or deck, or affixed to a garage or outbuilding. Be mindful of weight when planting on balconies.

Types of Plants

Flowers provide a splash of bright and welcoming color. Flowering plants that do well in containers include petunias, geraniums, impatiens, and begonias. Individuals can also grow vegetables and herbs in containers. Onions, peppers, squash, lettuce, and tomatoes grow well in containers. Those that want to maintain an herb garden can try basil, mint, rosemary and thyme. Vertical and draping plants can be combined in a single container if desired. Consider the water and sun requirements of the plants.

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