Weeds need no encouragement to take root and burst forth into seed bearing blooms determined to perpetuate their lifecycle. There are multiple steps that homeowners can take to minimize weed growth and they’re best used in combination for the greatest level of prevention.

Landscape Fabric

For new plant beds, installing a layer of landscape fabric is essential and will form the basis of any weed control program. It smothers weeds before they have a chance to grow and multiply. Landscape fabric can be installed in existing beds, but it’s much more difficult, isn’t as effective as applying it before planting, and can be frustrating if homeowners are doing it themselves.


Mulching plant beds is another effective way to control weeds in existing beds and preserve moisture that plants need. Mulch will also keep the ground cooler. A sufficiently thick layer of mulch aids in preventing weeds from sprouting and mulch can be utilized effectively in existing beds.

Organic Remedies

An increasing number of people are opting to employ organic solutions to control weeds rather than using chemicals. That includes formulas of vinegar, salt or minerals. While those methods can work, homeowners also run the risk of damaging concrete and brick surfaces and killing the plants in the beds.

It can also create areas where plants won’t grow for extended periods of time. Individuals can use a hand tool to till the soil to disrupt weed growth, while deadheading buds to prevent them from flowering and spreading more seeds in the bed.

Hand Pulling

Weeds are easier to remove after a rain or following irrigation because the soil is wet. It can be a time consuming process if weeds have gained a substantial foothold.

Weed Killers

Chemical solutions are available that are effective, but they can also be harmful to the very plants that individuals are trying to protect. Chemical options are also dangerous to children and pets. If chemicals seem to be the best solution, they should only be applied by a professional.

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