As a Florida Landscaping Company we realize privacy is important. With the ever growing population housing is being pushed closer together now more than ever and many people are looking to hedges to obtain some privacy. Once confined to a select group of bushes, today’s property owners have a wealth of selections from which to choose, many of which flower to provide food for bees, butterflies and birds, along with shelter and resting areas for avians of all types.

A privet hedge is still the most popular, primarily due to its quick, dense growth habit. The shrub can grow up to three inches each year and provides a more formal appearance. It easily tolerates the required shearing to shape it and keep it contained to the desired appearance.

The fast-growing ficus is dense and second only to the privet as a privacy hedge. It does require a significant amount of trimming and manicuring to keep it in bounds.

For property owners that want a more tropical look, areca palms are fast growing. They have a very informal appearance and can grow up to 20 feet in height, though they typically remain smaller when used as a hedge, and don’t need trimming.

Another fast-growing bush for hedges is the cocoplum. It’s a native of Florida, can be trimmed, and is appropriate for formal or casual landscapes. It has red-tipped leaves and produces small white flowers followed by a fruit that’s popular with birds.

Surinam Cherry, also known as the Brazilian or Florida cherry, is a tall-growing shrub that can easily be kept pruned to the desired height. It produces fruit that’s attractive to birds.

Indigenous to Florida, firebush has tubular orange flowers that attract birds, butterflies, and bees, along with blackberries attractive to avians. Property owners should avoid the dwarf variety if they want a high hedge. It forms a very informal hedge and thrives best when left untrimmed.

Hedges provide privacy for humans, a sanctuary for birds, and flowering varieties are beneficial for pollinators. Depending on the species, they can be manicured for a formal look or allowed to follow their normal growth pattern for informal landscaping. Hedges help to reduce road noise, provide protection against wind, and aids in conserving energy.

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