People trying to sell their home hear a lot about curb appeal and landscaping is an essential element for anyone that wants to make their property more attractive to buyers. There’s a myriad of effective and inexpensive ways to make a home look more appealing when viewed from the road.

Plant Flowers

A few well-placed bursts of color will create a warm and welcoming appearance that brightens up any property. Drought-resistant plants that also have attractive blooms are a bonus. They don’t require as much care or water so they save on watering costs and are particularly popular with eco-friendly buyers.

Mulch is a Friend

Mulch has a multitude of benefits and works to present a sophisticated appearance. The use of mulch will aid in suppressing weed growth, help retain moisture for plants, and enhance soil quality.

Clean it Up

Clutter on the outside of a home is just as bad as it is for the interior when trying to sell a property. Keep the lawn mowed and remove debris and any tree twigs. Make sure to rake any dead grass areas and under trees and bushes. For those with patios, walkways and paved drives, make sure paving and stones are moss free and no cracked concrete is visible. Clean-up also includes pruning dead branches and overgrown bushes for a tidy appearance.

Hire a Landscaper

Homeowners don’t have to contract for a full-scale renovation project. Professional landscapers can help with tree and hedge trimming, repairing damaged irrigation systems, sowing grass seed in bare spots, and mulching.

Make it Happy

A property that has been landscaped looks happy and commands a significantly higher price. Even little things can make a big difference to a buyer and the strategies don’t have to be costly to implement. Ideally, homeowners should begin their efforts approximately a month before the property goes on the market. For those that don’t have the time to perform the tasks themselves or are unable to do so, a professional landscaper is an ideal solution.

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