There are any number of unwelcome pests that can wreak havoc on lawns, flowers, hedges and trees. From chemicals to organic measures, there are numerous ways to discourage pests from lunching on plants and hedges in the landscape.

Chemicals are typically the first solution that people consider. If not applied correctly, they can damage the very plants that are trying to be saved. Using chemicals is best left to the professionals, especially if children or pets may come in contact with the treated areas. Chemicals are a response to a pest problem that’s already occurred.

For those that prefer a proactive approach that utilizes natural methods, there are a number of plants that can be cultivated that will repel insects and rodents. Peppermint, spearmint and pennyroyal are deterrents for ants and aphids. Garlic, alliums, oregano, daffodils, lavender and savory are helpful in masking the aroma of plants insects and rodents want to eat or will repel them entirely.

Pheromone traps are highly effective and will only lure the type of insect or rodent that’s invading the environment. The traps are easily disposed of and can aid in monitoring the scope of the problem. Insect-killing soaps made from natural ingredients are also available to control aphids, spider mites and similar pests, but isn’t effective once it dries.

Another way to address an insect problem is by attracting beneficial insects to the environment that also prey upon the undesirable bugs. It’s an option that really needs the input from a professional to determine what the insect problem is first.

A tidy yard is the best way to keep insects and rodents from invading the landscape in the first place. Dispose of leaves, brush piles, and other plant debris where the pests can live. Overwatering and insufficient air flow among plants is an invitation to insects. Wood piles should be moved from time to time so rodents don’t become comfortable.

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