Many homeowners prefer to take matters into their own hands when it comes to landscaping their property. While some projects can turn out fine, those that are contemplating intricate, complex and complicated designs should consult with a landscape design professional. They can provide valuable assistance in choosing the right plants and decorative elements for the space and ensure gas grills and patio fireplaces are installed properly.

Budgeting – Landscaping projects cost an average of 30 percent more than anticipated. Before anyone can create an accurate budget, they need to know what materials are needed, the quantity, and their cost.

Existing Landscape Problems – Areas with poor drainage to those that are erosion-prone need to be addressed and fixed before any landscaping projects can proceed.

Functional Design – A new design element can make environments more attractive, but they must also be functional and accommodate the way a family actually uses their leisure and entertainment space. Any element should make a smooth transition into the rest of the environment and not interrupt existing usages.

Irrigation – Plants need the appropriate amount of water at the right times. One of the most neglected facets of landscaping is an irrigation system that is capable of delivering the correct amount of moisture to different types of plants in multiple areas.

Lighting – Exterior lighting helps keep people and pets safe in the dark. It also deters trespassers and can be used to accent a specific feature. Don’t forget to install adequate lighting options.

Overcrowding – In an effort to work in everything that homeowners want, the yard can quickly become overcrowded. The effect is a cluttered appearance that isn’t conducive to peacefulness or entertainment. It also won’t leave enough room for plantings to grow well. The same overcrowding occurs when too many ornamental items are installed.

Patio Too Small – Most people don’t realize how much space a patio requires. After pools, plants and other features are added, there often isn’t enough space for a patio or it won’t be large enough to accommodate more than a couple of chairs. Patios shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Too Much Yard – One of the top mistakes homeowners make is trying to combine too many features into a yard that’s too small to contain it all. The problem is compounded if the end result requires more care and upkeep than the homeowner has time to perform.

Wildlife – Homeowners will have to consider if they want to attract wildlife into their yard or repel it. The landscape design and plants selected have the ability to accomplish either goal. Remember that wildlife encompasses everything from rodents and raccoons to birds, bees and butterflies.

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