An exploration of any nursery will yield an abundance of colorfully blooming annual plants. The problem with choosing annuals is that they’re typically offered during spring when they’re blooming profusely, but that may not last. There are a number of annuals that will bloom all summer long to add beauty and interest to your garden.


They make great container plants and can be grown in beds. Offered in blue, violet, pink and white, they grow well in full sun or light shade.


Annual geraniums will tolerate partial shade, but prefer full sun. They’re available in solid and bi-colors in shades of red, orange, white, lavender, pink and salmon.

Fan Flower

The annuals from Australia are pest resistant and drought tolerant. They’re excellent for growing in baskets, containers, and can be used as a bedding plant. They come in colors of blue, purple, white and pink, don’t need to be deadheaded, and do best in full sun to part shade.


Offered in red, purple, violet, yellow, white and pink, they perform best in partial shade where they get 4 hours of filtered sun.


The cheery blooms of red, yellow, orange and bi-colors in single and double blossoms are a welcome addition to any garden. Easy to grow, they bloom profusely all summer.

Moss Rose

The succulents readily self-sow, bloom profusely, do best in full sun, and tolerate dry conditions. Available with single and double blooms, colors encompass pink, yellow, white, orange, salmon, red, peach and lavender.

Tuberous Begonias

The plants are known for their long bloom season, but they require protection from the hot summer sun. They do best with partial shade where they receive 4 to 6 hours of morning sun. They’re available in single and double blooms in colors of red, yellow, orange, pink and salmon.


The tall, profuse bloomers like full sun. Their colors include red, purple, white, lavender, yellow, pink and orange, along with bi-colors. Hybridization has also created a pure green variety.

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