Excessive rain, overwatering, and poor drainage can result in fungal growth in lawns. It can appear as a white looking dust or brown spots. A fungal lawn infection may also display as patches of gray, black, yellow, orange, red or purple areas. When wet, it may have a greasy or slimy appearance.

Preventing and treating fungal lawn infections is a multi-step process and while the average homeowner can address some problem on their own, it’s always best to call in a professional. There are multiple types of fungus and additional problems may need to be remedied.

One of the first steps is identifying if thatching has occurred. It’s a combination of dead and/or built up grass, stems and roots that are produced faster than they can decompose. It heats and dries out quickly, robbing grass of the moisture it needs. Thatch can also provide a breeding ground for fungus and insects.

Thatching can happen after extensive rains, improper watering habits, and in hot and humid climates. The wrong fertilizer, compacted ground, the wrong grass for the soil, and mowing grass too short can all lead to fungal diseases.

It’s important for lawns to be properly aerated by loosening the soil and it’s a task that should be done every 1-2 years. Motorized and non-motorized lawn equipment is available to do the job. Aeration allows water, fertilizer and air to penetrate below the surface, reach the roots, and nourish the lawn. Individuals that are doing it themselves should thoroughly water the lawn 1-2 days before aerating.

If fungus is detected in the lawn, folk remedies range from baking soda and neem oil to compost tea for small patches, but they can also damage the lawn. A lawn or landscaping service is experienced in treating the fungi that affects lawns and can apply the correct fungicide based on the severity, type and soil condition.

Lawn fungus can happen anytime, in any weather conditions, and to lawns that are well-cared for. There are numerous types of fungal infections that can damage lawns and the best solution is to consult with a specialist. They will have the experience needed to diagnose and treat the fungus effectively.

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