A backyard garden isn’t just for people that want to eat healthier. People across the nation are adding small herb gardens, kitchen gardens, and miniature orchards to their outdoor living space for fun and profit. Florida’s climate enables homeowners to cultivate an extremely wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

The temperate weather conditions even allow backyard gardeners to diversify. ‘Warm weather’ crops are planted during the warmest part of the year. After harvesting, the weather provides desirable conditions for crops that prefer cooler temperatures to flourish.

Warm weather and a long growing season are ideal conditions for almost any type of fruit or vegetable that South Florida residents want to cultivate. Edibles encompassing beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, along with cucumbers, squash, asparagus and any type of salad greens are favorites for the dinner table. Onions, cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower can also be grown.

Florida is home to one of the best environments for growing citrus fruits ranging from oranges and lemons to limes, grapefruit, and nectarines. Figs, mangoes, avocados, peaches, and plums are also good selections. Homeowners can easily add blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, to their repertoire. Apples and cherries can be added to backyards, even if there’s not a lot of room. Many common fruit tree varieties are available in the form of dwarf and columnar trees.

The South Florida climate also enables individuals to grow out of the ordinary options such as certain types of coffee beans and bananas. For more adventurous gardeners and those that like to experiment with rare varieties they can try breadfruit, loquats, and tropical types of persimmons, in addition to jackfruit, mamey sapote, canistel, and atemoya.

South Florida is home to one of the most conducive climates for growing fruits, vegetables, and even nuts. It’s easy to start a backyard garden with the most highly-sought and healthy options available. In many instances, the plants yield much more than a family can use and they’re utilizing their excess to add some cash to their wallet by selling it at farm markets.

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