Herbs add flavor and color to any culinary endeavor and they can be grown indoors. No one has to go without herbs, even if they don’t have outdoor garden space. Herb growers should choose herbs they regularly use when cooking.

The biggest challenge for most people is finding the sunniest space in their home for the herbs to thrive. For those that don’t have a sufficiently sunny space, consider grow lights under kitchen cabinets and similar locations. Herbs will require at least 6 hours of light each day.

Small herb starts can be purchased and cultivated at home or grown from seed. It’s important to plant them in pots that will be large enough for them to expand. Planters should have drainage holes to allow water to drain without drowning.

The most common – and easiest – herbs to grow indoors are:

  • Basil – for salads, sauces, sandwiches
  • Bay laurel – for soup, stew, rice pilaf
  • Chervil – for Bearnaise sauce, omelet, salad, poultry, egg dishes
  • Chives – for garnishes, soups, salads
  • Cilantro – for soup, stew, Mexican dishes, garnish
  • Kaffir lime – for curry, soup, stew, fried rice, stir fry
  • Lemongrass – for sauces, marinades, curry paste, grilled meat
  • Mint – for salads, desserts, tea, mixed drinks
  • Oregano – for soup, stew, casseroles, meat, tomato sauce
  • Parsley – for soup, salad, sauces, stuffing, fish, meat dishes
  • Rosemary – for potatoes, soup, salad, meat dishes
  • Sage – meat, stuffing, vegetable dishes, pastas dishes
  • Thyme – for soup, stew, sauces, potatoes, rice

For adventurous herb fans, there are also herbs that grow without full or bright sunlight. They’ll do well with indirect light. They include lovage, a plant with a lemony flavor that’s good for tea, soups and salads, and potatoes. It grows rather large for indoor environments – up to 6 ft. in the right conditions. Other low-light options are sweet cicely, also known as myrrh; Corsican mint; wasabi; tarragon; and angelica.

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