Irrigation systems ensure your lawn and other plantings are well-watered and green. The automated systems are convenient and saves you time and money. Every mechanical construct eventually needs maintenance, even your sprinkler system.

The signs that your system needs maintenance or repair can begin subtly and go unnoticed at first. The situation can quickly escalate depending on the source and nature of the problem. Leaks, drips and other malfunctions can occur due to damaged sprinkler heads, a broken pipe or a defective control valve.

Higher Water Bills

The first sign of trouble is often a water bill that begins to creep up. Other times it could be a sudden spike, depending on the scope of the problem, and an irrigation system is a prime suspect.

Water Pressure Problems

Low water pressure could be a problem related to the city water supply, but it can also be your irrigation system. Your water pressure indoors may or may not provide a clue. When sprinklers operate, the stream of water can suffer. The water stream coming from your irrigation system can appear weak, uneven, or the sprinkler heads can sputter or dribble.

Irrigation Inconsistencies

Your irrigation system is designed to deliver the precise amount of water to all areas of your yard. Uneven watering is a common problem when sprinkler systems need maintenance. Some areas will be desert dry, while water may be pooling in other locations. The health of lawns and plantings will suffer and there may also be runoff onto sidewalks and driveways.

Sinking Turf & Holes

It’s not uncommon to see your previously level lawn develop holes or areas that have sunken when a sprinkler system needs maintenance. The soil can become supersaturated with water and become more “fluid.” Water sinks down through the soil and causes movement, resulting in dips, holes and similar areas. Excess water in the soil can also result in damage to building foundations.

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