Whether individuals are planning their first landscape or rehabilitating an old one, they can easily get more caught up in the planning and research stage than paying attention to the essentials. Hard features such as walkways, fountains and pergolas can all be added at a later date. There are 3 necessities for a beautiful landscape.

Plants and Shrubs

The plantings in a landscape will set the tone for what type of environment individuals will be creating. Trees and shrubs form the foundation of the landscape. They work to make a home and the property inviting, welcoming, and enhance the architecture. Trees provide shade from the sun’s rays and combined with bushes, add multi-season interest for an every-changing kaleidoscope of color and texture.

Individuals need to keep in mind the growth habits and mature size of the plantings they choose to avoid having them interfere with overhead or underground utilities They’ll also need to be planted to accommodate specific sun and shade requirements. Flowering shrubs and trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but they can also produce flowers and fruits that are messy and require cleanup.


An irrigation system is critical for the ongoing health of every aspect of the landscape. It ensures that every planting receives the proper amount of moisture and at the correct time. It reduces the work required to keep plants healthy and will save individuals a significant amount of money on water bills. There’s no guesswork with an irrigation system and it eliminates overwatering or underwatering.


Every plant has its own specific nutritional needs and obtains those nutrients through the soil. Over time, plantings can deplete the natural nutrients in the soil. Fertilization is the way to replenish nutrients.

Even completely new landscapes can benefit from fertilization as the soil may have deficiencies in nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. It will give new plantings a boost of nutrients to help them root well and grow. Care is critical when using fertilizer to prevent over-fertilization that can burn plants.

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