Everyone has experienced bloom interruption in their garden at least once. It happens when one variety is past its peak bloom season and another hasn’t risen to take its place. That’s when landscape layering can help.

It’s a technique in which a variety of different species are interplanted so when one stops blooming, another species begins flowering. It’s an effective method for ensuring bright, attractive blooms and interest throughout the season.

Landscape layering uses multiple design principles encompassing depth, scale, flow and repetition. Plants can be grouped by size, color, texture and shape to make a dramatic visual display. The strategy can incorporate flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees for a balanced appearance. It’s also effective for highlighting plants, hardscapes and focal points throughout the environment.

Plant Selection

This is a critical element in the process. It’s important to install plants that thrive in the prevailing soil and weather conditions. At the very least, the plants should be able to easily adapt.

Sun and Moisture

Each plant has its own specific sun and moisture requirements to thrive. A plant that requires full sun will perform poorly in deep shade. It pays to research the plants you want to add to the environment. South Florida has a subtropical climate and species that need a drier climate aren’t going to do well.


Individuals can choose from multiple types of plantings and it’s important to visualize how the installations will appear when they’re mature. There are evergreen and deciduous trees from which to choose, along with ornamental types and fruit trees.

Their height and size will determine their placement in the landscape. The same is true for shrubs, grasses and flowers. It also applies to groundcovers in areas that are hilly or have poor soil. Another factor is the available area each planting will have in which to expand.

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