Gardening and landscaping in dry areas can present special challenges. Traditional plantings can be cultivated, but it will be extremely expensive to fight the climate and require a considerable investment of time. The best solution is to compromise with Mother Nature to arrive at some spectacular results. Low-water gardens and landscapes have rapidly gained in popularity across the nation.

They require less maintenance and offer considerable savings in water costs. Even in humid conditions that prevail in Florida, many individuals discover that they have areas within their landscape that are drier than others. For those that don’t have irrigation systems, there are solutions that can save money and transform dry areas into an oasis. The following are just a few ideas for landscaping in dry areas.

Artificial Grass

Lawns require a lot of water and maintenance. By installing artificial grass, individuals won’t be using water to maintain the lawn and there’s no fertilizing or mowing necessary.

Container Gardening

For dry areas of the landscape, don’t overlook the opportunities available in container gardening. It’s easier to care for plants in containers, they require less maintenance, and water requirements are lower.

Ornamental Grass

There are dozens of ornamental grasses available in multiple heights that are ideal for dry areas. They add interest and can be helpful in areas where soil erosion is a concern.

Pick Perennials

For individuals that can’t do without some colorful blossoms, perennials require little care and can produce spectacular flowers. Many varieties are drought-resistant or drought-tolerant, making them ideal for dry areas.

Rock, Stone and Pavers

Consider creating pathways with pavers, mulching with stone, or creating rock pathways for a look that’s contemporary, requires no water, and is low-maintenance. It will also aid in reducing the size of the lawn that has to be mowed, watered, and fertilized.


Plants classified as succulents run the gamut from low-level cacti to upright flowering species. They require little water, are low-maintenance, and come in a multitude of shapes, colors and textures. Succulents can produce lush foliage in multiple shades of green and can be an excellent choice for coastal areas.

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