Green lawns, abundant blooms, shapely shade trees, and artfully draped vines are beautiful to behold, but plants ranging from flowers to trees can include some unpleasant and time-consuming clean-up and maintenance requirements. For those that prefer to spend their time enjoying their blossoms and foliage rather than performing endless maintenance tasks, there are some basic rules.

The Plants

Choose plantings that have naturally low maintenance characteristics. Avoid trees with messy blooms and fruits, along with bushes and vines that require frequent trimming and pruning. Select flowers that don’t require deadheading. Choose insect and disease resistant species to minimize control and prevention methods.

The best low maintenance plants won’t need frequent fertilizing. Always research desired plants to ensure they’re not an invasive species or have the potential to be invasive. Plants native to South Florida are best adapted to the climate.

Water Requirements

For individuals that don’t want to invest in an irrigation system, or spend endless hours hand-watering, select plants with low water requirements. Another consideration is the ability to survive flooding and inundation by salt water. Conversely, seek plants that are able to tolerate drought conditions. The best solution is an irrigation system to ensure each plant’s unique water requirements are met.


Many plants that are annuals in other locations can survive year-round in South Florida. One of the prime attractions of perennials is that they don’t have to be replanted every year. They may lose their leaves or die back after blooming, only to re-emerge the next year bigger and better than ever.


Avoid letting grass grow long, mowing it, then raking and disposing of grass clippings. The secret to less mowing is to maintain lawns at a consistent length during the growing season and at a length that’s appropriate to the specific type of lawn grass planted.

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