Creating a new landscape or updating an existing panorama in your backyard is exciting. With the assistance of landscape software, anyone can be creative. The consumer-based landscaping software of today has evolved considerably, is highly versatile, and has features of which you may not be aware.

There are also many price points from which to choose. It pays to do some research before settling on a specific program. Some of the less expensive versions may not have all the features you want, while high-end software can have a distinct learning curve to overcome. However, they’re an excellent place to begin your landscaping journey.

Digital Property

Depending upon the software, you can scan an image of your property into the software. You can drag and drop different types of trees, bushes and flowers, along with hardscape items that includes homes, outbuildings, driveways, swimming pools, and patios. The finished product will be a digital image of the existing property from which to work. Some also provide 3D views and a virtual tour.


Especially useful are features that provide a growth forecaster so you can see how your choices will appear over time as they mature. It’s easy to see if a tree will overgrow its boundaries, produce too much shade, block a view, or interfere with utility lines.

Some software provides shade forecasters that enable you to see where shadows from trees and buildings will fall at any time of the day and throughout each season. Others will even give you an estimate of what the landscape costs will be.


Landscape design programs can’t provide an accurate account of irrigation needs or how an irrigation system should be laid out. They also can’t tell you what type of soil you have, which will affect the type of trees and plants you can grow successfully.

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