The tasteful addition of rocks is an easy way to update the entire appearance of residential or commercial properties. There are dozens of types of rocks in multiple sizes that can be used to provide color, contrast, and texture. Rocks also make a long-lasting, low or no-maintenance groundcover or mulch.

Choosing the right rock

It’s important to choose the right rocks for the job since they’ll last for many years. Rocks and stones can lighten or darken an area. Some complement specific types of landscapes, but aren’t appropriate for formal gardens and grounds. The materials can also be utilized to highlight a specimen plant, create a centerpiece, start a rock garden, or border a backyard pond.

For those with container gardens, rocks provide a solid and colorful base upon which to place urns and other planters. Rocks offer an adaptive way to address drainage problems or areas in which water restrictions are in effect. Rocks and stones are one of the most versatile tools in a landscaper’s repertoire.

Decorative Options

Property owners can choose from decorative options that includes river rock, pea gravel, decomposed or crushed granite, and lava rock with its bold and brilliant colors. Marble, basalt and quartz chips are also available, along with polished pebbles in multiple colors and sizes.

The spectrum of stones and rocks offered for today’s landscaping needs run the gamut, from pure white and black, to shades of pink, gray, warm golden brown, and multi-colored assortments. For a little added fun, consider adding a few faux rocks that glow in the dark and recharge with the sun’s rays.

Rocks in landscaping have a wide variety of decorative and practical purposes. It’s easy to paint your landscape with rocks in multiple colors and shades that will enhance and beautify any outdoor environment.

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