Everyone wants a lush, green lawn. It provides a friendly place for playing and entertaining. Obtaining that elusive and highly desirable greenery requires forethought and some work on your part, but the results are well worth the effort.


Fertilizer feeds a lawn, providing it with essential nutrients. Choose one that’s high in nitrogen and features a time release formula. It can be applied from spring through fall, but not during times of drought. It’s a good idea to water immediately following application.


All grass is not created equal. Some are heat tolerate, while others are not. St. Augustine grass has become the gold standard for South Florida lawns, but others such as Bahia, Bermuda, Buffalo, and Zoysia are also good choices. St. Augustine grass has the advantage of being able to flourish in the heat and humidity of Florida summers without requiring an exceptional amount of maintenance throughout the year.


Too little moisture or not enough can result in a pest infestation of epic proportions that can be time consuming and expensive to eradicate. Chinch bugs are a particular concern in South Florida. They can be controlled with a pesticide application.


You may be keeping your lawn to short without knowing it. You’ll typically want to mow about three times per month during summer and twice a month during the winter months. A good rule of thumb is to only cut 1/3 of the total grass length on each mowing to keep lawns looking good and promote root growth.


A properly designed and installed irrigation system is the best way to ensure lawns receive the correct amount of moisture – and at the right time. Water restrictions are in force during some times of the year and a programmable irrigation system enables lawns to flourish while enabling you to adhere to water restrictions.


It’s easy for weeds to get a foothold and they steal the nutrients meant for your lawn. Herbicides can be applied to inhibit their growth. Select an herbicide that contains both a pre- and post-emergent formula. It will control weeds throughout the growth cycle and will mean less time spent on the task for you.

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