Hedges provide a variety of uses and there are numerous choices for individuals that want a living no-fuss privacy fence, visual interest, or simply want flowering bushes that provide food for birds, bees and butterflies. Hedges are also handy for marking property borders and boundaries.

Technically, any group of woody plants that are planted closely together and form a barrier is considered a hedge. Individuals can choose from deciduous or evergreen plants, along with those for formal or informal usage. Slow-growing hedges typically add 12 in. or less to their height each year. Some choices include:

Boxwoods – These are perhaps one of the most popular bushes for hedges. Varieties are available that attain as little as 2 ft. in height, while others can top out at 6 ft. if left unclipped.

Mountain laurel – Well-known for blooms that run the gamut from white and pink to red, they have a mature height of 7-15 ft.

Sweetshrub – It’s ideal for individuals that want fragrant flowers and a hedge that will achieve a height of 6-9 ft. Flowers are dark red and are attractive to pollinators.

Holly – This presents multiple cultivar options that feature glossy leaves, flowers, and berries that attract birds. It typically grows from 6-10 ft. high, though there is a variety that can reach heights of up to 25 ft. tall so consumers need to be careful if purchasing for a do-it-yourself project.

Japanese plum yew – These can take up to 15 years to attain their full height of 6-10 ft. They have attractive yellow-tipped leaves that provide visual interest.

Common manzanita – This is a tough and hardy bush that can grow from 6-20 ft. in height. It’s highlighted by white or light pink pendulous flower clusters, followed by berries.

Individuals that try to create their own hedges often miscalculate and later discover they have a planting of monster bushes on their hands or a hedge that needs far more effort than they have time to invest. The best solution is to consult with a landscaping specialist that can provide advice on specific hedge plants, growth habits, and if they have the potential to be an invasive species.

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