Many Florida residents long for the sight and scent of roses in their garden. Getting roses to grow in Florida can be done, but it’s not an easy undertaking. The very weather conditions that people seek to enjoy can actively conspire against growing them.


Roses need to be planted in full sun where they’ll receive 6-8 hours of sun each day. However, the afternoon sun in Florida can be too hot for the plants. An ideal location is a place where they’ll receive the majority of their light requirements from morning sun and a limited amount of afternoon sun.


Roses are deep and heavy feeders. Their roots can easily extend 15 inches or more down into the soil. They also don’t like to be planted near the roots of other plants, though they don’t seem to mind growing near the roots of other roses.


The soil should be well-drained – roses don’t like wet feet. The plants like loamy soils and black dirt rich in organic matter. Those conditions can be difficult to accommodate in the garden without amendments to the soil or the assistance of a landscaper. It’s led many people to grow them in containers.


A drip or soaker hose system is best for roses. It enables water to be placed at ground level near the root system where it’s needed. The humid climate can lead to powdery mildew and leaf spot if they’re watered from above.


The type of rose is also important. Most people envision tea roses, but gardeners can also choose from miniatures, floribundas, grandifloras, polyanthas, shrub types and climbers, along with tree roses that have been grafted and trained to grow into tree form. Some withstand the Florida climate better than others.

Insect Pests

Roses are subject to damage by the same types of insect pests as other plants. They’re especially attractive to Japanese beetles and nematodes. A new pest and an emerging threat introduced from Asia, Africa, and Oceania is the chilli thrip. The insect isn’t fussy about what it consumes and typically damages buds and leaves. It’s best to call a landscape professional if an infestation occurs.

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