The use of color and greenery in a yard is a basic design principle that creates a welcoming and restful environment. There are many ways to achieve the combination that includes flowers, trees and bushes. When done correctly, it provides contrast, vertical and horizontal interest, brightens up dark and shady areas, and is a design based on nature utilized by professional landscapers.

Most people think only of the green color of lawns or leaves when they consider greenery, but there’s a variety of plants that have leaves in shades of red, bronze, lime green, and purple that add visual interest to any landscape. Green has a calming effect on the senses and landscape plants run the gamut from the deep, forest green of pines and tropicals to the greenish-white of decorative grasses.

Flowers are one of the best ways to add a splash of instant color anywhere in the landscape, particularly annuals. One of the most important decisions individuals will need to make is how much time they’re willing to devote to upkeep. Some plants require a significant amount of work to keep them looking tidy, while others need very little care.

Wood mulch is an effective way of adding color that also protects greenery, nourishes the soil, and retains moisture for less watering. Crushed rock is also being used in many areas as a mulch, primarily to help retain moisture. It doesn’t provide nourishment the way wood mulch does, but it’s available in a variety of hues.

Color isn’t something that just stops at the end of the summer season in Florida. There are any number of plants, trees and bushes that provide contrasting visual interest during winter months through the color and diversity of their foliage shapes, patterns, seed pods and berries.

There’s no end to the combinations that can be designed through the creative use of greenery and color. It’s a good idea to use a color wheel for novices that want to try a little landscaping on their own. For people with large landscaping projects and little time, it’s best to call in the professionals.

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