Mulch isn’t just a material to be placed around trees to protect their trunk or to create garden paths. Mulch has a wealth of applications that are practical in nature that will make less work for gardeners, enrich the soil, and aid in plant growth and development.

Individuals can choose from multiple types of mulch ranging from shredded bark and wood chips to landscape fabrics and stones. Some are more effective in specific locations than others and gardeners will need to weigh the aesthetic appeal of each against their individual preferences and whether they want organic or inorganic mulch.

One of the most important functions of mulch is that it helps retain moisture, which means less time watering for those that are doing so by hand. It’s also beneficial for those with an irrigation system. Flower beds will require less watering and that means savings on water bills.

Mulch is an effective means of minimizing weeds and keeping them at bay. That means a lot less weeding and nutrients go to the plants for more lush growth. It’s inevitable that an occasional weed will find its way into the bed and when it does, and it can easily be plucked out without any harm to the plants.

Some types of mulch break down over time, thereby enriching the soil. That means a healthier environment for the plants and it’s particularly beneficial for areas where soil composition is poor and fertility is low.

Mulch enhances the esthetic appeal of flower beds and aids in protecting them from trimmers and lawnmowers. Some types of mulch also have the ability to inhibit and even repel invasions by fleas, ticks and gnats into the landscape.

There’s a wealth of choices when it comes to mulch and each comes with its own price point. Gardeners will want to examine selections carefully to determine the best type if they’re doing the work themselves. For extensive flower beds, it’s often more convenient to hire a landscaping service that can assist in choosing the best mulch to accommodate aesthetic preferences, soil needs, and budget.

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