If you’re like most people, you worry that your landscape isn’t getting enough moisture. Overwatering is even more damaging to the landscape, and in ways that you may not have considered. Watering by hand is time-consuming and leads to areas of excess water in some locations and not enough in others. The best option for watering is an irrigation system that can be programmed to deliver the exact amount of water every area needs.

The first way in which overwatering harms the landscape is through disrupting the way that grass and other plants grow. It drowns the roots and prevents them from forming deep, healthy systems while starving the soil of oxygen content.

Too much water also prevents microscopic organisms from performing the important work of breaking down plant matter through decomposition. Without that natural process, thatch builds up and strangles a lawn. It also creates a breeding ground for insect pests, mold and fungi.

A fungus infection in lawns is something that you’ll have to be vigilant to prevent, particularly in Florida’s humid climate. Overwatering doesn’t allow the soil to dry out sufficiently and plants remain damp longer. You may observe a reddish-orange tint to grass, brown patches, or toadstools growing throughout the landscape – a sure sign that overwatering has occurred.

Insects are drawn to landscapes where the thatch is thick and plants are damp. Even if you use an insecticide in an effort to remedy the problem, some of those pests live just beneath the surface of the soil where they chew on tender roots and surface chemical applications don’t reach.

Weeds are never welcome visitors in the landscape and there are several types that thrive in overly wet conditions. Landscapes that receive too much water are an open invitation to weeds that will deprive grass, flowers, shrubs and trees of the nutrients they need.

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