Any commercial property will benefit from the addition of trees. They provide a pleasant and welcoming appearance, help cool the environment, are eco-friendly, and add value to any property. Trees are a wonderful addition, but their placement and the type of trees that will be planted require careful consideration.

Commercial landscapers will factor in elements such as how the green spaces they occupy will be utilized, along with the need for pruning, growth habits and mature height. The trees must have the ability to thrive in commercial landscapes and will need minimum distance from structures and areas of heavy traffic.

A combination of traditional shade trees and evergreens adds diversity to the landscape and interest in multiple seasons. They also act as buffers against noise, protect against harsh winds, provide privacy, and purify the air.

Planting trees on the west side of structures is beneficial for helping to cool buildings and lower air conditioning costs, particularly if they provide shade for windows since the sun’s rays are more intense from the west. Trees planted on the east side of a building can also aid in reducing the use of air conditioning.

Trees planted on the south side of properties can work to lower the demand for energy in the summer, providing they don’t obstruct the sun from entering windows during cooler months or block energy-efficient strategies such as solar panels and wind turbines. Placing air conditioning units in the shade will help them operate more efficiently.

Trees can increase the value of properties by up to 12 percent, making them an excellent investment for commercial landscapes. They add beauty and provide a myriad of functions. A professional landscaper will have the knowledge and experience to know what trees will grow best in specific locations and how to strategically place them within commercial properties to the best advantage.

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