Obtaining a degree of privacy is becoming an increasingly difficult proposition for people, even in their own yards. The good news is that homeowners have access to multiple landscaping techniques and strategies to obtain the privacy they crave that also beautifies their property. Anyone can have an immediate privacy solution with the innovative options now available.


One of the newer trends in privacy barriers is fabric curtains of waterproof materials placed in strategic areas. They require a framework that must be erected and depending on how they’re installed, can also provide protection from sun and wind.


People have been using fences for centuries to protect property, possessions, and privacy. Fencing is available in wood, metal, vinyl, concrete, stone, brick, and a variety of innovative materials that can even withstand hurricane force winds.


One of the most commonly used methods of carving out some privacy, a hedge provides a living, eco-friendly barrier that also offers cover and hiding spots for birds. Hedges can be created from a wide range of traditional bushes, bamboo, and evergreens to accommodate multiple needs and preferences.

Latticework and Trellises

Latticework and trellises can provide a screen, but won’t offer the same degree of privacy as a fence or hedge. A latticework barrier or trellis also provides a frame against which flowering vines can be planted for additional coverage and beautification options.

Raised Beds

Raised beds provide additional height, allowing homeowners to plant smaller, low-maintenance, and dwarf species. It’s particularly beneficial for smaller yards, spaces where full-size plant varieties aren’t an appropriate fit.

Vertical Grids

These are finding favor with urban dwellers and involve support structures installed in such a way that enables vertical growing of multi-level flowers, herbs, vines, and vegetables. Vertical growing is typically used to create an alcove of privacy in smaller yards.

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