Everyone likes to save money and that’s especially true with landscaping projects. It can be expensive to create the landscape of your dreams and many people don’t realize how many options they have or the extraordinary results that can be accomplished with a little imagination. The following are just some of the ways you can save on your next landscaping project.

Mixing, Matching and Sales

Fantastic, low cost elements for the landscape can be found at yard sales and end-of-season sales. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for lawn furniture, tools, plants, or unique decorative items, inexpensive additions can often be found in unexpected places.

Plant for the Climate

An English garden design in an arid landscape is going to cost a fortune in water and maintenance. Measures like companion planting and mulching will allow you to have some of what you envision while compromising with soil and climate.


Instead of ripping everything out and starting from scratch, consider repurposing some of the elements you may already have. Bricks, fencing, decorative features, and plantings ranging from flowers to trees can be moved and reused in the new design.

Slopes and Inclines

Leveling and moving soil around can be expensive. Rather than filling or removing soil, consider planting ground covers. They can produce beautiful flowers that provide food for bees and butterflies, while helping to arrest erosion.

Start Small

There’s joy to be found in starting your own plants and nurturing them until they’re large enough for the garden rather than purchasing full grown specimens. Instead of large urns by the front door, start with smaller flower pots or even consider using a couple of hanging plants instead.

Think of the Future

Landscapes aren’t static. They evolve and change over time. Envision how your landscape will appear even five years into the future, along with how much time, money, and maintenance it will require. Your circumstances may change and you’ll want a landscape you can continue to enjoy throughout various stages of your life. It may be tempting to plant all your favorites, but resist overplanting.

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