Every property has them – shady spots where nothing seems to grow. The good news is that there are a variety of shade-loving plants that will flourish without full sun. Some also have bright blossoms that will add a splash of color. Few annuals tolerate shade well, so your best option will be ground covers and perennials.

The first item of business is to determine what type of shade you have – light, moderate or deep shade. Some plants prefer four or fewer hours of sun in the morning or afternoon. Others are happy in dappled shade through tree leaves and some are happy in the shifting shade that comes in close proximity to pines and evergreens.

The most difficult areas of shade are those that are very dry or wet, where no sun shines at all, soil that has a significant amount of tree roots, and locations that are shaded by structures. In some instances, it can be helpful to thin and prune trees and bushes. It allows more indirect light to enter, but should only be done by a professional. The following plants are all good for shade gardening.

Begonias – Many types are available for varying degrees of shade, have showy flowers of white, yellow, red or orange and have single, double and ruffled blossoms.

Bleeding heart – Available in red, pink, yellow and white, they bloom profusely in the spring and may bloom sporadically throughout the year.

Campanula – Known as bellflowers, they’re offered in white and hues of pink, blue, and lavender, and range from dwarf varieties to those of 12 inches in height.

Hosta – They have very dense root systems, come in variegated and non-variegated leaf varieties, and have stalks of white, to deep purple blossoms.

Iris – The plants are available in a rainbow of flower colors and each species has its own bloom time.

Primrose – Available in a multitude of single and bi-colors, they’re low-growing and the species will determine bloom times.

Shade gardening can be especially challenging, but there are numerous perennial species from which to choose that will thrive in various states of shade. They also provide brightly colored blooms that will keep you enchanted throughout the year.

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