A beautiful, healthy lawn is an invitation to play. However, lawns can become stressed for any number of reasons. Many individuals try to address the situation on their own, but doing so can exacerbate the problem. It’s best to consult with a professional that has the knowledge and experience to diagnose the underlying cause and treat it accordingly.

A stressed lawn can take many forms and the same symptoms can be the result of different causes. Heat, over or under watering, drought, weeds, insects, the need for aeration, and even excessive foot traffic can cause a lawn to brown, weaken, and look unkempt. Improper fertilization and mowing practices can actually harm a lawn.

Brown or Bare Spots

Depending on the cause and the stage of stress the lawn is under, the tips on grass blades may begin to turn brown. Similarly, spots within the lawn that turn brown or become bare may be a sign of stress from an insect infestation.

Color Change

Grass will often turn colors when stressed. It may turn a darker shade of green or take on a gray hue.

Curling and Wilting

Grass that’s stressed will typically curl, try to fold in half long ways, or wilt to save itself from whatever is challenging its ability to survive.

Grass Doesn’t Spring Back

The footprint test is easy to conduct and is a sure indication of a stressed lawn. Footprints that remain visible long after someone has walked on the grass is a sure sign of stress. Even the popular and hardy St. Augustine grass can suffer stress from multiple causes.


When homeowners begin to notice weeds popping up in their formerly great looking lawn, it’s a sure sign that the lawn isn’t getting what it needs for lush growth that will aid in drowning out the weeds.

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