The warm, lush Florida climate is an ideal environment for multiple types of unwelcome weeds. Once they get a toe-hold, they can quickly spread and permeate lawns, vegetable gardens, and flower beds. The most painstaking way to target weeds is by removing the plants that individuals want to save and targeting the weeds by removing the roots.

That solution can be used for small infestations, but for larger areas like lawns, it’s just not feasible. The best overall solution is to hire a lawn service that has experience with the weeds that homeowners want to eradicate. Commercially available preparations are also available. The following are just some of the common weeds that individuals may find invading their outdoor spaces.

Broadleaf Plantain

It has a long tap root similar to that of dandelions, making it resistant to stress, herbicides, and eradication. The large leaves are deeply veined, rounded, and have wavy edges. Various commercially prepared herbicides are available that are designed to kill the root system.

Bull Thistle

Bull thistle is a biennial that begins with large, fleshy, coarsely-toothed leaves that appear spiny. If left unchecked, the second year they produce flower stalks with highly fertile, rosy to purple blossoms, ready to spread their seeds far and wide. Dig it out, making sure to get all the roots and cut off any seed heads that may form. Use a commercial herbicide to aid in controlling it.


Emanating from a central tap root, the stems fan out in all directions to form a dense mat. It has milky sap, produces thousands of seeds, and can mature in a single week when conditions are right. The tap root makes it difficult to eradicate. Commercial herbicide preparations can be applied.


Aggressive rhizomes are the hallmark of quackgrass. The bud sheathes appear hairy and resembles ryegrass. It’s a perennial, will quickly take over any area, and is extremely difficult to control. Commercially prepared quackgrass treatments are available and it’s a good idea to dig up any plants after they’ve been killed.

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