Despite their beauty, there are many popular garden plants that no one should cultivate if there’s any way that children or pets may come into contact with them. Some can cause a painful or itchy skin rash if touched, while others can result in death if the leaves, flowers or seeds are ingested. Some of the most deadly include the following.

Larkspur is a member of the genus delphinium and they provide a bright splash of color in gardens. The entire plant is deadly, especially young leaves and mature seeds. Nausea, vomiting and burning of the mouth is almost immediate when ingested. The plants can be lethal in six hours or less.

One of the harbingers of spring, lily-of-the-valley is a sweet-smelling ground cover. The entire plant is toxic, especially the leaves, and affects the heart. A single bite can cause symptoms ranging from hot flashes and hallucinations to clammy skin before coma and death occur.

Hydrangeas were popular funerary arrangements at one time. They have large, showy flowers and while the entire plant is toxic, the flower buds are especially so. Ingesting any part of the plant is like consuming cyanide.

Known as poet’s daffodil, this variety of narcissus is smaller than others and is a cheery sight in the spring. They won’t attract deer, rabbits or rodents and all parts of the plant are toxic, especially the bulbs. Even the scent from a bouquet of narcissus in a room can cause a severe headache.

Rhododendrons produce showy displays of brilliant color in the garden, but the entire plant can be deadly. Swallowing any part of the plant will cause drooling, violent vomiting, low blood pressure, and seizures and coma before death occurs.

Dozens of common garden plants enhance landscapes and few know the dangers of death that they present. Individuals should thoroughly research any plant they’re considering adding to their property to avert a deadly disaster to their own children and pets, along with others in the neighborhood.

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