Most are familiar with the shape of maples, oaks and flowering pear trees. There are some unusual trees native to countries around the world that can be grown in Florida due to the state’s unique climate. The trees have unusual appearances, growth habits, and histories that make them well worth the effort. It’s important before planting any species to ensure it’s not invasive.


The first impression when people see a Baobab tree is that it was planted upside down. The effect is heightened when the tree sheds it leaves. It can be grown in South Florida, but may be tricky. It’s often referred to as the “Tree of Life” since it can live thousands of years. The trunks can hold several gallons of water and in its native Africa, it’s tapped and plugged for water.

Dawn Redwood

A holdover from prehistoric times and once thought to be extinct, it’s a deciduous tree that looks like an evergreen and has a distinctly pyramidal shape. The tree’s needles turn yellow and rust red each year before dropping. The hardy tree regrows its foliage each spring. It’s the smallest of the redwood species and can even survive northern winters.

Dragon’s Blood Tree

A native of the Socotra archipelago, it’s technically not a tree and gets its name from the red sap it produces. Its upturned canopy resembles an umbrella. Scientists classify the tree as a remnant of the Mio-Pliocene Laurasian forests that are almost entirely extinct.

Jabuticaba Tree

It’s an ordinary looking tree native to Brazil – until it produces fruit. Hairy white blooms give way to black fruit that grows in the branches and along the trunk. If conditions are right, it can fruit several times a year and many use the fruits to make juice or wine.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

This isn’t a tree to be grown in limited space as it can grow up to 250 ft. tall and is one of the fastest growing in the world. It gets its name from the strange coloration it displays when its bark is shed and each layer can be a different color. Over time, it returns to its natural brown hue before repeating the process. It has leaves that are more than six inches long that are aromatic when crushed and small white flowers when in bloom. It doesn’t tolerate frost.

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