Almost anyone can grow a garden and they don’t need acres of space to do it. There are a number of vegetables that grow well in pots and can be placed on patios, decks or next to fences. They can be tucked in any place there’s enough space for the pot in which they’ll grow. A minimum pot depth of 12 in. is required, with sufficient drainage holes. Avoid black pots due to the tropical climate.


Bush type beans can be grown without support. A climbing variety is happy to ramble over a trellis or vertically on a deck or up a fence with a little help.

Chili Peppers

Multiple varieties are available, each with its own level of spiciness.


Leaf lettuce – rather than head lettuce – grows well in pots and gardeners can choose from varieties in various colors to add interest to dishes. “Baby” leaves can be harvested or individuals can wait until the leaves mature to pick them.


Just like beans, growing peas in a pot is easy. A dwarf or bushy variety works very well in pots and typically won’t need support. Climbing varieties can be grown in a pot and allowed to climb vertically up a fence, pole or netting.


This is a veggie that can even be grown on a windowsill. It has a shallow root system, so be careful when harvesting. Different varieties have different colors and variations in flavor.

Sweet Peppers

Choose traditional bell peppers or one of the long sweet varieties. Both adapt well to being grown in containers.


Known as a vegetable, but classified as a fruit, its highly productive and needs full sun. Choose a cherry or grape tomato variety. However, one species, the Atlas Hybrid, is a beefsteak tomato created specifically for growing in pots. Just be prepared to provide plant support if needed.

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