Vines are an often overlooked landscaping tool that brings beauty to environments and can provide a food source to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Many people are reluctant to plant vines, particularly in South Florida, due to the tendency of some to grow wildly. The plants encompass a wide variety of species, can be used in multiple ways within any landscape, and many are quite well-behaved.


One of the most popular uses of vines is to camouflage and beautify fencing. They’re equally well-suited grown over lattice to hide items such as electrical boxes, generators, and trash receptacles.


Vines can work extremely well as a privacy screen. They can be grown to cover and grow over fences, decks, patios and porches.


An arbor, trellis or pergola can be a focal point in any garden, but think how much more attractive either would be covered in a flowering vine as an accent to the landscape. Seasonal vines such as morning glories are also popular for dressing up a mailbox.

Ground Cover

Most people think of vines as upward growing plants, but some can be used creatively as a ground cover for areas that are prone to erosion, are difficult to reach with a mower, and where grass may not grow easily.

Vertical Gardening

For those that want to combine the use of vines with an edible garden, there are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that grow on vines and can be easily cultivated in the landscape. Certain varieties of beans, peas, tomatoes, kiwis, and strawberries grow on vines that can be trained where individuals want them to grow and are ideal for vertical gardening.

The vines of seasonal fruits and vegetables will typically need to be removed after harvesting, but others such as grapes will endure for many years. It’s essential that individuals do their research before planting. Some fruits and vegetables, such as melons, squash and cucumbers, can be heavy and the vines won’t be able to carry their weight.

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