Before creating a welcoming landscape, it’s important to understand what it is. Better known as curb appeal, it includes the arrangement of plants and decorative features around the home. It’s a combination of factors that makes someone smile when they see their house. It’s a feeling of pride and children’s eagerness to invite friends over. In short, a welcoming landscape is a place of beauty that seems to say, “Come in and visit.”

The front yard is the first thing that people see when they look at a home. Creating a welcoming landscape can encompass a wide variety of techniques, such as removing overgrown bushes, trimming back hedges, or adding attractive fencing. It can include a pathway, decorative features, and specific plantings to highlight unique architecture.

Creating a social space is an invitation to neighbors to say hello or stop and chat. It can be achieved with appropriate lawn furniture or something as simple as adding a deck or a porch swing.

Flowers are always a welcoming sight. They can be used to create a bright splash of color or gently lead people to the front door. The great thing about flower beds is that they can be established directly in the ground or homeowners can utilize simple raised beds and those that use decorative planters.

Sometimes a simple welcome message such as a door wreath or potted plants around the door can change the atmosphere. The type of steps leading into the front door can transform the entire feel of a home. Steps that are entirely utilitarian in nature will get people in the house, but an open set of steps invites people to sit and linger.

Every property is different and will require crafting different and unique solutions. The endeavor begins with the front yard – it’s the first thing that others see whether the homeowner is planning to sell or spend a lifetime in the home. A welcoming landscape will be part of the precious memories families recall about their home.

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